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A Full report on your emotional state and mental health

By completing the clarity test, you will gain insight into a comprehensive report on your emotional state and mental health. Think of it as a snapshot of your current well-being. The report will show you your clarity score, as well as give you in-depth information on subcategories such as

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    Sleep Quality

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    Mental Power

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A 3-Step Program

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Start Healing with Access to the “My Gift” Movie

An audio-visual therapeutic experience designed to heal you while entertaining and educating you. We use 3D audio technology, integrating powerful healing sounds into the story experience, teaching you how sound works to heal while giving a 3D experience stimulating the brain.


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Step 2

Nourish your Mind with Daily Sound Journeys from the Award-Winning MindSpa app

Every single day, the MindSpa app will provide you with a sound therapy journey that minimizes your stress, improves your sleep, and restores your energy and focus. In just 25 minutes per day, you’ll find yourself more energized to take on life, handle the ups and downs without stress, and tune your mind-body frequencies to the healthiest sounds of nature.


Who is Mindspa for?

Simply put, everyone.
Mindspa is built as a one-stop-shop for self-care using the power of sound, and the specifics of your case don’t matter.

We can help if you’re:

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    Struggling with weight loss

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    Have low self-confidence

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    Combatting Insomnia

  • MindSpa

    Suffering from grief

  • MindSpa

    Under financial strain

  • MindSpa

    Experiencing work stress

  • MindSpa

    Recovering from heartbreak

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    Dealing with childhood trauma

The MindSpa Sound Technology

The MindSpa Soundwave is a science-backed audio innovation that not only makes the sounds come to life but deeply impacts your mind and body allowing the healing process to take place.


Achieve Clarity with the “My Gift” eBook: A Blueprint for the Rest of Your Life

My Gift is a roadmap to overcoming life’s challenges and discovering your unique purpose.

The Numbers Speak for Themselves.

15M+ users experienced immediate stress reduction, better sleep, increased confidence, and a positive mindset. Our product delivers impactful results, making a difference every day.

Better sleep


better and
deeper sleep


boost in


stress reduction*


shifted to a more
positive mindset

Sound can reach the places where modern medicine just can’t reach—our deepest emotions. Music and sound are definitely the medicine of the future.

Dr. Nick Tsarouchas, Head of Neurology, King’s College Hospital.


A Simple, Personalized Prescription to help Put Your Child On the Right Path.

We’ve made it as easy as possible for you to help your child get started with their healing journey by creating an easy-to-digest guide that will be your companion on this journey.

Over 15 Million Users Report

5-Star Reviews

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Here’s What You’ll Get

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    Award-winning “My Gift” movie to kickstart your healing process

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    A subscription to MindSpa - the groundbreaking sound therapy app

  • MindSpa

    A comprehensive overview of your mental health with the Clarity Test

  • MindSpa

    The “My Gift” eBook - a roadmap to discovering your Unique Purpose

  • MindSpa

    An easy-to-follow personalized guide for your mental health journey

You also get:

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    A more stress-free life

  • MindSpa

    Better sleep quality

  • MindSpa

    Higher self-confidence

  • MindSpa

    Enhanced focus and productivity

  • MindSpa

    Mental and physical immunity